Christian Foundational Studies - Index

These Christian Foundational Bible studies have been developed for those new to the Christian Faith, those making inquiries about the Christian Faith or those who are discipling new Christians.

Lesson 1 - Being Born Again
Lesson 2. Lordship Of Jesus
Lesson 3. Water Baptism
Lesson 4 - Baptism In The Spirit
Lesson 5 - Communion
Lesson 6 - Sowing And Reaping
Lesson 7 - Prayer
Lesson 8 - Faith
Lesson 9 - Confessing God's Word
Lesson 10 - Healing
Lesson 11 - The Resurrection
Lesson 12 - The Rapture
Lesson 13 - The Christian Calling
Lesson 14 - Christians To Love One Another
Lesson 15 - Christians And Wealth
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